Getting Started

Right from our first interaction, we will take all the time that is needed to familiarize ourselves with the unique facts of your case.

Because of the time and effort we put into getting to know you, we do not offer free initial consultations. However, in our first meeting, you will be given a wealth of information that will identify your legal options and help identify your legal options and plot your course of action.

To schedule a consultation, call our office and complete an intake interview over the phone. You will be asked for your contact information, the name of the adverse party (usually your spouse), and basic information about your employment and assets. All such information is kept confidential. We will ask when and how you like to be contacted to ensure confidentiality. (Please note we will not give you legal advice over the phone in this initial conversation.)

Depending on your case, you will be asked to bring the following information to your first appointment:

  • Paystubs from your employer(s)
  • State and Federal tax returns
  • Pension, IRA and 401(k) statements

For an intake interview, please call us at (413) 774-7085, connect with us from our Contact page, or email us at


We strive to be flexible for clients who might have limited means. That’s why our attorneys are certified to offer “limited assistance representation” (LAR), also known as “unbundled” or “à la carte” legal representation. LAR allows the attorney and the client to utilize legal representation for distinct tasks. The client only pays for services related to those specific activities, and represents him or herself throughout the rest of the case. Read this document for more information.

Not every situation lends itself to LAR, such as cases involving serious domestic violence and mental illness, for example. However, LAR can help people gain the edge they need in a legal conflict by affording them an attorney’s help.

At Esser Kent, we will work with you to determine if LAR is right for you. We are always working to find ways to bring legal representation within reach of those who might assume it is too expensive. Call us at (413) 774-7085 to see if LAR can make an attorney’s help affordable for you.